I'm running for State Auditor to strengthen and protect the only independent audit we have in Minnesota. We know how much we pay in taxes every year, but we don't always know what our elected officials do with that money—and frankly many officials want to keep us in the dark.

We're talking about a lot of money that can do a lot of good for Minnesotans, so we need to make sure that money is spent efficiently and effectively and not siphoned off to private contractors, consultants, and corporations who are taking advantage of us as taxpayers.

We work hard for our income, and we expect our tax dollars to come back to us in the form of safe roads and bridges, high-quality county hospitals, and the best public schools in the world. We expect a lot for the taxes we pay, and we should expect a lot.

The Auditor is the one who’s supposed to hold elected officials accountable. The Auditor is the one who’s supposed to follow the money, shine a light on it, and make sure none of it gets into the wrong hands. And because the Auditor is the only independent oversight in the State, we must do everything we can to protect the office.

This office is incredibly important. Join me.