The most important endorsement to Jon is yours as a voter! Jon would be honored to serve as your next State Auditor and humbled to earn your support. Check out a few others below who have said Jon is the best choice for Minnesota. You can add your endorsement to the list, too!


Senator Scott Dibble

Senator Scott Dibble shared his excitement about Jon Tollefson’s candidacy, "Jon is an experienced international diplomat, healthcare advocate, and champion for human rights. He wants to be a partner with cities, counties, school districts, and hospital districts to ensure we use our tax dollars well. That’s why I am proud to chair Jon’s campaign for State Auditor. He would be our first LGBT statewide elected official, and I ask for Minnesotans' help to make that a reality."


Rep. Carlos Mariani

Rep. Mariani serves as a State Representative from St. Paul and as the leading Democrat on the House Education Policy committee. Rep. Mariani spoke of the promise we as Minnesotans make to all kids who walk through our public school doors. "I know Jon will work with our school districts to make sure our schools are culturally responsive, foster positive student engagement, and celebrate the multilingualism of our students. This is the work I do every day, and I know Jon will join me in partnering with families, educators, community leaders, and policymakers to make sure we are all working for our future leaders."


Rep. Erin Maye Quade

Representative Erin Maye Quade, a recently-elected State Representative, highlighted Jon’s experience working in the U.S. State Department as the type of broad experience we need, "As Jon has worked to expand democracy internationally, I know he will work hard to protect our democracy here at home." Rep. Maye Quade ran one of the toughest races in 2016, being the only Democratic House Member to flip a seat from red to blue last cycle.


Commissioner Marion Greene

Marion Greene, a Hennepin County Commissioner and former State Representative, offered her endorsement with emphasis on Jon’s background in public finance, "Minnesota counties need a strong partner in our State Auditor, and with Jon's background in economics and public finance, he is uniquely qualified to serve in that important role. We can count on Jon to be a strong partner to local government."


Senator Chris Eaton

Senator Eaton represents Brooklyn Center and Brooklyn Park in the Minnesota State Senate. She is a Registered Nurse who worked for many years as a public health mental health nurse. Senator Eaton is fighting to make pharmaceutical companies help pay for the millions of dollars Minnesota taxpayers spend every year on the harmful effects of the opioid epidemic. “Parents are losing their children to this crisis. An entire generation is deeply affected by it,” Senator Eaton said. “With Jon, we will have a partner in the State Auditor’s office to work with local leaders, families, and community advocates to advise local governments and help coordinate our efforts to finally end this crisis.”