The most important endorsement to Jon is yours as a voter! Jon would be honored to serve as your next State Auditor and humbled to earn your support. Check out a few others below who have said Jon is the best choice for Minnesota. You can add your endorsement to the list, too!


Scott Dibble
Minnesota Senate

"Jon Tollefson is running for State Auditor to make sure government works for each and every one of us – not just a privileged few. Jon is a bold progressive and a young, exciting leader who will help shape Minnesota into an even better place. Our communities need a strong partner like Jon to stand up for them. 

Jon will use his extensive background and expertise in public finance and government budgeting to be a partner with cities, counties, school districts, and hospital districts to ensure we use our tax dollars well. That’s why I am proud to chair Jon’s campaign for State Auditor. Jon would be our first LGBT statewide elected official, and I ask for your help to make that a reality.

We could not ask for a better representative of our DFL values – and our Minnesota values – than Jon Tollefson. He has the experience, the qualifications, and a proactive approach to this critical oversight function of our government programs."


Tina Liebling
Minnesota House of Representatives

"Minnesota needs leaders at all levels who are committed to building a government and an economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy and powerful. Our State Auditor is very important to that effort.  The State Auditor helps maintain trust in government by helping it run well, set policies that benefit all Minnesotans, and keep its promises to the governed. The Auditor can improve the lives of Minnesotans by advocating for policies from health care to economic opportunity. That is why I am endorsing Jon Tollefson to be Minnesota’s next State Auditor.

Jon has the expertise, the values, and the commitment to help Minnesotan’s achieve our goals of single-payer healthcare, fully-funded public education, a clean environment, and fair and equitable economic development. "


Andrea Jenkins
Minneapolis City Council Vice President & Civil Rights Advocate

"I'm proud to endorse Jon Tollefson for State Auditor.  Jon recognizes that the job of State Auditor is not just balancing the books but, more importantly, working to undo the systematic inequities that have resulted from decades of local governments making investment and spending decisions on the basis of efficiency to the exclusion of equity.  We need a State Auditor who will lead the way on centering government decision-making and accountability on our most underserved communities. Jon is that leader."

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John Marty
Minnesota Senate

"We need a State Auditor who knows the numbers, as well as understands the impact of government programs on all Minnesotans. Jon Tollefson is an expert on healthcare financing, and I have been proud to work with him on crafting the most equitable way to finance the Minnesota Health Plan—the high-quality Single Payer Healthcare system for all Minnesotans that is within our reach. Jon’s background in economics is critical to this important office."


Susan Allen
Minnesota House of Representatives

"Minnesotans must be sure our tax dollars are being reinvested into our communities in an equitable way so we can all thrive. We must work to create a just, balanced, and inclusive economy. That also means standing up to corporate polluting interests who would risk harm to our sacred land and water. I know Jon Tollefson will stand up for environmental protections and honor Indigenous treaty rights on the State Executive Council and as he reviews local permitting processes. Our local governments need an experienced and well-qualified partner like Jon to make sure residents get the high-quality services we expect and deserve. Join me in supporting Jon Tollefson to be our next Minnesota State Auditor."


Ann Rest
Minnesota Senate

"I ask Minnesotans to join me in supporting Jon Tollefson for State Auditor. As the DFL lead on the Senate Tax Committee and member of the State Government Finance and Policy Committee, Rules and Administration Committee, and Legislative Audit Commission, I can attest to the profound importance of having a State Auditor with Jon’s deep knowledge and experience in public finance, administration, and policy. The State Auditor is on the front lines of ensuring that our government is effective, efficient, and accountable. Jon has the combined technical expertise and open, accessible approach to be a highly effective watchdog and advocate for Minnesota’s taxpayers."


Frank Hornstein
Minnesota House of Representatives

"Jon Tollefson is Minnesota's chance to elect the community-building activist auditor that Paul Wellstone campaigned to be. 

All who work with Jon recognize his keen knowledge of government financing from a technical perspective, but what sets him apart is his ability to bridge that knowledge to advancing single-payer healthcare, protecting the environment,  investing in communities, and promoting inclusion, justice, and equity."



Carlos Mariani
Minnesota House of Representatives

"I know Jon will work with our school districts to make sure our schools are culturally responsive, foster positive student engagement, and celebrate the multilingualism of our students. This is the work I do every day, and I know Jon will join me in partnering with families, educators, community leaders, and policymakers to make sure we are all working for our future leaders."


Marion Greene
Hennepin County Commissioner

"Minnesota counties need a strong partner in our State Auditor, and with Jon's background in economics and public finance, he is uniquely qualified to serve in that important role. 

The State Auditor must be proactive in making sure government serves everyone's needs and that government is providing services equitably. We can count on Jon to be a strong partner to local government. And when local government needs to be called out on overreach, such as we're seeing right now with the Hennepin County Sheriff turning our residents' names over to ICE for deportation—I know Jon will be on the right side, standing with immigrants and people who have been marginalized. Government needs to work with people, not against them—and that's exactly what Jon will ensure as State Auditor."


Senator Chris Eaton

Our local governments are facing a crisis in the opioid epidemic. Parents are losing their children, and an entire generation is deeply affected by it. Cities and counties in every region of Minnesota are overwhelmed with the costs of just dealing with the crisis—let alone making progress toward ending it.

We need partners at every level of government to come together and face this issue head on. Jon Tollefson is running for State Auditor to do exactly that. With Jon, we will have a partner in the Auditor's office to work with local government leaders, families, and community advocates to advise local governments and help coordinate our efforts across jurisdictions to finally end this crisis.

We need a State Auditor who will be proactive and a partner for local governments. This is exactly what our State Auditor should be focusing on—making sure government can meet our needs. That's why I'm supporting Jon Tollefson and ask you to do the same.